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Image by Markus Winkler

News and miscellaneous will be a catch all for information that doesn’t pertain to any of the other sections. Here I will tell of upcoming sales, any conventions I will be attending, and other news. I will also include blog posts that don’t fit within the other sections and random things like commentary or reviews of other media (movies, video games, etc.) 

In the current project section, I will give updates and seek peeks for the books I’ve planned for this Saga. Here I will also give character descriptions and other relevant information.

 In the history section, I will be diving into the universe of ‘The Soul Link Chronicles’, my first trilogy, which is now available on most eBook stores. I’m proud of the universe I built up around the story in those books, but those books only scratch the surface of it. I will be including articles and short stories to tell of that vast universe. It will also be good to get it written down. Eventually, I will begin to include things from ‘The Ragonoes Saga’, plus any other new series I start. 

The nostalgia reviews will look at many of books that I grew up reading. When I started to seriously read in high school, I devoured books. I going to go back and reread those books with my older, more experienced perspective. However, I will be giving a short review of what I remember about those books and what I thought of them in the newsletter the month before.  

I will have a booth at FanX Comic Convention. FanX is September 16-18, 2021 at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah. I will be releasing The Sword of RE, the first book of my new series, at that time.

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