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Douglas Sharp grew up in South Eastern Utah in a little town on the Navajo Indian reservation.  He spent much of his time hiking in the red rock desert around his home.  This setting inspired many childhood adventures as he wandered alone, letting his imagination lead the way.


Doug was always interested in the stories of the fantasy books his older brothers read but never interested in reading the books.  The worlds of magic and swords fascinated him and he would bug his brothers to relate to him the stories they were reading, using elements of those stories in his wanderings and imaginary adventures.  As an early teenager, he continued to rely on his brothers to discover the fantastic worlds others had created.  One day his brother, who had just finished reading Eye of the World by Robert Jordan, got sick of telling him the story and handed the book to Doug, saying ‘You want to know what is in it?  Read it yourself.’  Amazingly, Doug read it and so began the dive into the world of fantasy through books.


As a teenager, health issues prevented Doug from enjoying many of the activities that teenagers participate in.  Books became one of his primary escapes, drawing his mind away from his troubles, both perceived and real.  He started creating worlds and stories of his own, but was too afraid to share them because he felt he would be mocked.


After serving a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Doug returned to Utah, ready for life.  He married a wonderful woman and started to move forward.  Once again, health problems changed life plans, preventing the completion of college.  Those college courses he was able to complete had a profound impact on his desire to write, as great teachers encouraged his writing and taught him that he had the ability to create great stories.


Through long years of work, the health problems are slowly coming under control and he works to support his family.  The Soul Link Chronicles was his first series and many more will be coming.


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