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This is my first series. The entire trilogy is available for purchase on Amazon. The first three chapters of each book are available for free.  Get them by clicking Sneak Peek.


ISBN-13: 978-1517266349 

Over 1500 years ago, all that was steeped in magic was hidden from humanity. Today, magic is the stuff of myth...or so Rebecca Bray thinks. She has always ignored things of fantasy, concentrating on reality. Yet after a traumatic life event, Rebecca is seeing and interacting with things that shouldn’t be there. She wonders if she might be going crazy. Some kind of power has awakened inside her and, if she doesn't find someone to explain what is happening, it will destroy her.

Llyr Loegaire has earned the title of Hunter. His first assignment is to eliminate a novice magic user as part of the first stage of his people’s invasion of Earth. What should have been a quick mission is complicated when he is magically prevented from killing his target. He must now stay near her, maintaining a facade of friendship, as he tries to find a way to complete his orders.


ISBN-13: 978-1536933246

The Aldri attempt to destroy life on Earth was prevented at Stonehenge and magic is now able to be seen across the British Isles. Because Rebecca had to kill the invading force, she has fallen into a deep depression. For months, Llyr has been unable to help her, and because of their connection through the soul link, he is beginning to feel the effects of her negative emotions.

Desperate to bring Rebecca out of her despair, Llyr proposes that he be allowed to take her out among the people whose lives she saved. Havaar, their dragon mentor, approves and sends them on a mission to recover an artifact from the revealed ruins of Camelot. Things become more complex as the soul link brings Llyr and Rebecca closer, and secrets Llyr has been keeping threaten to undermine their growing relationship.

The Soul Link

ISBN-13: 978-1976308253

Rebecca has been captured and awakens alone in the dark, not knowing where she is. She can feel that Llyr is alive, but cannot contact him through the soul link. Chained to a wall and without magic, she must find a way to survive and escape. 
Llyr was defeated by his brother and witnessed the fall of the tower on Avalon. Being separated from Rebecca has created a problem: the soul link is draining his body of all strength. Despite not being able to stand on his own, he’s determined to return to his world and save Rebecca from the Archwizard. Without Havaar to guide him, he must rely on the ghosts of Havaar’s school to find a way home.

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