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The biggest news for my upcoming books is the series name change. I was calling my new series ‘The Legend of the Magekiller’, but that has changed. The new name of the series is ‘The Ragonoes Saga: The Redemption of the Lost Ones’. I changed the name of the series to better reflect the content of the series and to give proper context. I’m planning two series in this saga. Ragonoes is the name of the world all the of stories take place on. The first series, The Redemption of the Lost Ones, will be four books, each book title after one of the Lost Ones, whose name are RE, DA, KI, and PA. The Lost Ones are some of the Gods of this world, whose lands have been taken by the Cythraul and their Mages. The first book will be The Sword of RE and the second will be titled The Sorceress of DA. I don’t have the titles for the third and fourth books yet.  

The second series will be called The Birth of the Unborn God. I’m planning three books in this series, but that may change, as may the title of the series.  

My alpha readers for The Sword of RE have finished and I am just beginning to go through their notes and make changes. The cover is coming along and I will post on my website and Facebook and Instagram accounts pictures as I get them from my artist. Following me on those platforms for more frequent updates. 

This image is the cover art for 'The Sword of RE'. My artist, Christopher Spencer, has done a fantastic job bringing the scene to life. Follow him on Instagram, @christopherspencerart.

After I am through with my next rewrite, I will post the prologue and first chapter of The Sword of RE to my website as a sneak peek. Subscribers to this newsletter will be have access to that before anyone else.  

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