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If you’ve read the three books of The Soul Link Chronicles, you know that there is a lot more to the universe it existences in. The first two books give a hint and the last book gives a tiny glimpse. These are not idle references to flesh out the story. I have created a history of the universe and I love to tell people about it. This newsletter gives me an opportunity to record it before I forget it. I’m hoping to write short stories that will help weave the tale that is in my mind.  

I will be starting at how magic was introduced to this universe. Magic is not native to this universe and when it spread, it changed everything. That’s all I’ll say for now. You’ll have to read the next newsletter for more. 

The universe of The Soul Link Chronicles is only one of the universes I have in my head. I am busy writing the main story of The Ragonoes Saga. This universe will have its own stories and histories that won’t be included in the upcoming series. When I feel it is appropriate, I will begin writing those tales here. I intend to do this will all the universes I share with the world. 

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