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I'm pleased to announce that my newest book, The Sword of RE, is now live! This is the first book in my new series, The Ragonoes Saga: Redemption of the lost ones. Here is the description of the story:

Rees is dissatisfied with the  traditions of his people. They dictate that he must take over his father’s trade, but he wishes to have the life of a warrior. His family encourages him to seek the guidance of RI, the Goddess of his people. However, he's never felt a connection to Her and has doubts about Her existence. 

When a great secret that has been kept between Rees and his grandfather is revealed, he flees to the lands of the God CA. In the company of  strangers, Rees is unsure of what he should do. RI holds the answers to his fate, if only he could believe in Her. He decides to travel to the city of CAvane, home to the order of the Bleayst. It is said that this order of holy knights has a way to communicate directly with the Gods and Rees feels he needs to see RI to overcome his doubt and set his path right. 

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